Alumni Testimonial

Bastian HENGSTLER (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: Ernst & Young (Frankfurt)
Position: Consultant

I joined HKUST with the expectation of a reputable and well-structured Master’s degree. However, after a few weeks into the program, I started to realize the MScISM program offers much more than that. I witnessed the excellent staff and professors of international caliber were constantly eager to go the extra mile students and that the extra value they provided went well beyond their responsibilities.

Rui JING (Jennifer) (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: Procter & Gamble (Greater China) (Guangzhou)
Position: Operation Manager

The HKUST MScISM program helped me to build a business mindset by cultivating serious attitude and rigorous logical thinking ability to analyze and solve the real business issues. The program also enriched my IT knowledge from the business perspective so that I can come up with solutions and make decisions in the best interest of the business. I really had an excellent learning experience with the well-structured courses in this world class business school.

Zhixian LIN (Zita) (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: eBay (Shenzhen)
Position: Business Analyst Intern

Having the internship experience in eBay, I should say that the courses provided by the MScISM are of great help in many ways. Firstly, this program equips students with practical skills that are of high demand in the real business world. Secondly, this program provides students with an analytical and strategic mindset, which is very important for personal long-term career development. Finally, the program has many group projects, which help students to learn to cooperate with other people from different backgrounds, different countries and different cultures.

Barry LO (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: China Construction Bank (Asia) (Hong Kong)
Position: Management Trainee

Through this program, I get to learn more different aspects of Information Systems. MScISM program not only gave me a good foundation in this field, but also exposed me to newer and up-to-date topics. Professors are very knowledgeable in the latest trends and development in areas such as Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Block-chain and other Fintech concepts. With the diverse background of the students, learning not just comes from lectures, but also from each other during class discussions. I am confident that both my knowledge and interest for the subject has increased after taking this program.

Yanqi YE (Seven) (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: Flexport (Shenzhen)
Position: Global Operation Associate

The program covered technology innovation, business management, and practical programming, which well equip with my management knowledge and technological mindset. In terms of lectures, the professors respected our thoughts and ideas, and welcomed creativity and diversity in class. Besides, hands-on projects and group discussion were always parts of class fun. I highly appreciated the weekend courses, in which our full-time students could mingle with part-time students who have working experience. Thanks to the MScISM, I built up my skillsets and found my passion in technology and will carry it on to my next journey with a technology startup.

Zekun ZHANG (Daryl) (2016 - 17 intake)

Company & location: KPMG (Hong Kong)
Position: IT Advisory

The MScISM program gave me an unforgettable postgraduate study year, during which I could learn from experienced professors on both IT and management knowledge, as well as work and study with friendly classmates from different cultural backgrounds. Through participating in a wide range of enrichment activities such as company visits and career talks organized by the program, I had great opportunities to get in touch with entrepreneurs and the industry elite, and this enabled me to achieve my goal in becoming more targeted in my job seeking. The most attractive advantage of this program is that full-time students could have classes with part-time students, from whom we could hear a lot of unique insights and interesting stories about their working experience, and at the same time broaden our social connections.