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Last Updated: 08-May-2017
A CIO Journey Made in Heaven or Against all Odds
1:10pm - 2:20pm (Light refreshments: 12:40 - 1:10pm)
Room 1005, LSK Building, HKUST
Ms. Suk-Wah Kwok, Regional Chief Information Officer – Asia Pacific, Lockton Companies (Hong Kong) Limited

Synopsis of the seminar:

Being the first woman to be awarded China TOP 5 CIO in 2015 by China’s leading IT magazine IT 經理世界, Suk-Wah Kwok’s IT career may appear to be a smooth professional journey made in heaven. Yet, it was against all odds that Suk-Wah, as a daughter from very poor parents, had the chance to pursue university study abroad, and she started her IT career more by accident than intent. Her IT career spans across various technology booms and busts, multiple financial crises, and significant global events including Hong Kong’s 1997 handover to China, Internet boom, Dot-Com bubble, 9/11 attack, and global financial tsunami, not to mention severe personal illnesses - each had significant impact on her professional fate and career path.

In her talk, Suk-Wah will candidly share the major successes and hiccups in her career; how she learns from her mistakes to be a better IT professional and bounce back from setbacks to become more resilient; and more importantly, how she turns negativity and misfortune into positive energy so one can continue to shine in life. She will share personal insights and experiences in being an effective IT leader and decision maker, and some simple principles she has consistently applied as a CIO in the traditional and highly regulated insurance industry, which, she believes, underpins her success when leading new technology adoption and transformation.

Bio-sketch of speaker: 

Suk-Wah Kwok has been the Asia Pacific Regional CIO of Lockton Companies since 2012. A  multi-award winning company headquartered in US, Lockton is the largest privately owned insurance brokerage firm in the world, and ranked 10th overall.     

Prior to Lockton, Suk-Wah was the Hong Kong CIO of Aon, the world’s largest insurance broker, for over 10 years, and was instrumental in leading Aon to be the first FSI (Financial Services Institution) in Asia to successfully migrate key IT services to public cloud when cloud technology was still at its infancy.    

Suk-Wah’s IT career spans over 25 years. She was a Project Manager with Sun Microsystems during 90’s Internet boom. After Sun, Suk-Wah held various IT management positions including Head of IT, Asia Pacific for Baring Asset Management, and Operation Director for commercial data centers, before taking up CIO positions in multinational insurance broking firms.     

Suk-Wah is an experienced CIO well known for her versatility and insightful ideas. She is highly regarded in the industry for her courage in early adoption of leading edge technologies and her success in leading IT enabled transformations. For her long standing track record, she was awarded 2015 Top 5 CIO in China in January 2016, and Hong Kong CIO of the Year (Medium Enterprise Category) in March 2016.  

Suk-Wah graduated with a First Class Honors in Computer Science from the University of Sydney and holds an MBA majoring in Finance from the University of Technology, Sydney.  

She is currently the Chairperson of the HKMA IT Management Club and a Council Member of the Hong Kong Computer Society.   

Outside IT, for community service, she is also a Senior Inspector in the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force.


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