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Course Substitution

Subject to approval of the MScISM Academic Director, course substitution of core/required course may be granted for students who

  • completed the equivalent 4000-level or above course(s) with satisfactory grade(s) in undergraduate or postgraduate (with supporting document such as a transcript and course syllabus); or
  • graduated in information systems, computer science or engineering; or
  • obtained recognized certification.

No more than 8 credits for substitution of core/required courses may be granted.

If granted, no credits will be given for the exempted course. The student will be required to take an approved alternative course to fulfill program requirements.

Students who are granted the course substitution may take up to 4 credits of non-ISM elective courses offered by MBA Office or other departments in Business School, subject to approval of the Program Coordinator, MBA Office and other departments in Business School.